LifeLink Insurance

LifeLink Insurance Specializes in Life and Disability Insurance. As a Non-Captive Agent, I am able to shop nearly all the Top A+ Rated Life Insurance Carriers on behalf of my Clients and as a result, find them the best coverage possible for their own personal and unique situations and needs. Saving them thousands in premiums and often dramatically increasing the amount of coverage!

Underwriting can and does vary Dramatically from one Life Insurance Company to the next. Be it a persons build, current or past Tobacco Use, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer or a History of Cancer, High Cholesterol and countless other Pre-existing conditions that may or may not exist. Rates can vary as much as 100% for the exact same client, with two different A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies!!

LifeLink Insurance has specific experience with finding solutions for people in Recovery, Life Insurance for Recovering Alcoholics and Life Insurance for Recovering Addicts.

LifeLink Insurance offers unique and Affordable High Limit Life and High Limit Disability Insurance Coverage, for those working within the Entertainment Industry, from Stunt Men to TV Writers, Real Coverage with Real Benefits from one of the Oldest Insurance Companies in the World.